20202 Technique & Acupuncture Happy Hour Training

$197.00 USD

  • 6+ hours of video training content and Implementation Calls
  • 18 downloadable resources that you can use immediately
  • A FREE E-book of best kept secrets of hosting a Patient Appreciation Day
  • Bonus scripts to help you more effectively communicate with all of your patients
  • 3 downloadable and editable patient letters/emails
  • Patient health and survey consent form
  • Free step-by-step guide on setting up your own healthfairs

What People Are Saying:

“Thanks so much for providing the greater acupuncture community with high quality marketing resources. I'm excited to have reached a point in my practice where I can reinvest some money and stock up on materials! Using your basic layout of the 20202 technique over the summer has really helped to accelerate the growth of my practice from starting out in June with 5 patients a week to 20 a week. Once again, THANK YOU!”

C. Xi Ye, L.Ac.

“The 20-20-2 technique was a GAME CHANGER for me! I was able to reap a return on my marketing efforts, effortlessly! On average, I was bringing in 6-8 new patients with EVERY marketing event I did. I owe it to this technique! They should teach something like this in school”

J. Grossman, EAMP

“Just what the doctor ordered! I've been doing talks for years and never had any real way to get people to take action and get them into my clinic. Using the call to action cards that are part of the 20-20-2 technique gave me what I needed...the tools to REALLY get people to come in and give acupuncture a try. The first time I used it at a talk, I think I doubled the number of people to take me up on the offer. Thanks guys!”

J. Richards, L.Ac.

“I hated the idea of marketing my practice, then I came across this technique and it just worked so easily for me and the type of marketing I like to do, which is "easy" marketing. Using the 20-20-2 was the best thing I did for my practice. The first time I used it at a health fair, I got 5 new patients in about 3 hours. The most I ever got from any other health fair. So, this stuff works, and I'll be using it monthly!”

P. Valaries, L.Ac.

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